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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved by the Site or by third parties in the internet access device (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) of the visitors to the Site, then to be retransmitted to the Site on the next visit of the same visitor.

This information can concern the visitor or the device, and is mainly used to suit the functioning of a Site to the visitor’s expectations, by offering a more personalised navigation experience and memorising the choices made previously.



These are cookies used exclusively for collecting and analysing statistical information on accesses to the Site, in aggregate form.

They provide information on how the visitors use the site, and are used in assessing and improving how it operates. In this way we collect information on the quality of navigation offered. All the information collated by these cookies is anonymous and not linked to the personal data of the visitor.

Profiling cookies
These have the task of creating profiles relative to the specific visitor and are used for sending publicity messages in line with the preferences expressed during navigation.

Session cookies
These are cookies memorised during the course of a navigation session, which terminate and are usually eliminated at the end of the session. The Site uses session cookies to track the use made of the Site during the course of a single navigation session and are used to help visitors use the Site more easily.

Persistent cookies
These are cookies memorised during a navigation session and destined to remain on the device after the end of the session. They enable recognition of the device when it is used to newly access, essentially in order to help the visitor to rapidly reconnect to the Site. They are also used by the Site for analytical purposes.

Proprietary cookies (first party)
These are cookies saved by the Site to register the activities of the visitor. They are mainly used to manage the Site and to collect data that enable improvement of the services offered.

Third-party cookies
These are cookies linked to a different subject which installs them on the user’s terminal by permission of the Site manager.

Technical cookies
These are used with the sole aim of transmitting a communication onto an electronics communication network, or in the measure strictly necessary to the supplier of a service of the company of the information explicitly requested by the subscriber or the user to dispense this service.

Cookies used by this site

This site uses technical cookies, including those from third parties.


Technical cookies:
Cookie Analytics, used exclusively by Google, for collecting information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and on how users visit the Site. Since cookies are not directly used by the Site manager, the data acquired via Google Analytics can also be used by Google, according to the terms of service predisposed by Google itself.


Third-party cookies

The following includes the third-party web sites which install cookies on the user’s device during navigation on the Site, together with the links to privacy notices.


How we use cookies

The Site makes exclusive use of technical cookies; it makes no direct use of profiling cookies.

In particular, the Site uses session cookies. Other types of cookies, or like technologies, may be used occasionally to enable use of the Site or specific functionalities. Some persistent cookies might be used for the purpose of tracing the language used by the user’s computer operating system, which can in any case be deactivated at any time. For session data and data strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site, transfer is necessary and does not require the consent of the users. If transfer of this data is not made it may be impossible to navigate on the Site.

Any use of cookies – or other tracing tools – by the Site, where not differently specified, has the aim of identifying the visitor and registering his or her preferences for purposes strictly linked to the content of the Site.

The Site uses persistent and session cookies and other tracking technologies to: (a) memorise the user name and the password; (b) analyse the use of the service and navigation, including with the aim of making access to the Site services simpler; (c) personalise the service to an individual’s own preferences; (d) carry out research and analysis to improve the content and services of the Site; (e) control the advertising displayed on the Site; (f) improve Site security.


How can cookies be deactivated?

It is possible to intervene in the transmission of cookies and prevent their installation, by modifying the configuration of the browser to block some types. For detailed information on the necessary procedure refer to the guide of the browser used. However, as previously mentioned, blocking might risk significantly limiting ease of use of the Site. Further, some functions of the Site might not function correctly if acceptance of cookies is disabled.